Emergency Parachute Repacks
21720 Foothill Drive, Tehachapi, Ca 93561, 760-608-9275 or 1962 - bob@parachutepacking.com
Rigger Testing PARACHUTEPACKING.COM service for all types of parachute systems
A DPRE (Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner) is available on site. An appointment is required to take the test. For appointment call 760-608-9275 or email bob@parachutepacking.com.  Before taking the test, the candidate should have completed FAA form 8610-2 (Airman Certificate and/or rating approval and take it the your local FAA FSDO (Flight Standard District Office). With FAA approval the applicant must first take a written test before taking the oral and practical. Oral and Practical Cost                     Senior Parachute Rigger test            $250.00                     Master Parachute Rigger Test         $300.00                     Add on Rating                                 $75.00*                     Re-testing                                        $75.00 **                      * For each additional rating       ** For each section being re-tested
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