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FAA Part 65 states “A certificated and appropriately rated parachute rigger must have packed the auxiliary/reserve parachute: 1. Within 180 days before date of use, if the canopy, shroud, and harness are composed exclusiviely of nylon, rayon, or other similar synthetic fiber or material that is substantially resistant to damage from mold, mildew, or other rotting agents propagated in a moist environment. 2. Within 60 days before the date of use, if the assembly is composed in any amount of silk, pongee, or any other natural fiber or material not specified above.” Our experienced riggers will put your parachute system back in the air in accordance with FAA Part 65 and the manufacturer’s instructions. We are experienced in all types of systems, including Back, Chest and Seats. In most cases you can have your parachute back within one week! Please call us for prices.

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