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ASSEMBLE RESERVE AND OR MAIN CANOPY TO CONTAINER Reserve and/or main canopy assembly is required for new gear purchases, when moving canopies from one container to another or washing the container.  It is critical when buying new or used gear that the container and parachutes are compatible in size.  Container/parachute sizing cannot be adjusted.  Manufacturer assembly specifications are strictly followed. Steering lines are sewn down to factory marks unless otherwise specified.  the serial number and date of manufacture are noted on the packing data card. INSTALLATION OF AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION DEVICES (AAD) When installing an AAD with new gear purchases or when having an AAD installed for the first time, the date of manufacture, serial number and any prior service are noted on the packig data card.  If for your container is not AAD ready, Channels and pockets must be installed. (Approval from the container manufacture required before installation). TESTING OF AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION DEVICES (AAD) The FXC 2101, Kap 3 and the SCOT can be tested in our facilities.  Other units will have to be sent back to the manufacture of that AAD.
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